Describing what a student will experience when attending CCBCK is not a simple task. We will attempt to do so by focusing on four elements of the CCBCK Experience.

Missions Outreach Experience

Missions Outreach Experience

75% of our program is spent in the classroom, and on Kauai. The final 25% is spent during a month of outreach in several Asian countries.The trip will vary each semester, but will include a circuit through a various countries.  We will spend between 1-2 weeks in each location, depending on the team we have, and the needs in each location. As the political situation in many of the countries we visit can change rapidly, we do not disclose the locations publicly.

Our students will have the opportunity to put all they have learned into practice in various ways. This will be challenging, fruitful experience which we pray will change not only your life, but the eternal life of others as well.

By spending time in a few different countries, students will experience cultural variations in worship, warfare, and the love of Christ.

Academic Experience

Academic Experience

Our topical courses (Apologetics, Bible Study Methods, Evangelism, etc.) are designed to give the student a better grasp on the subjects pertaining to a mature Christian life.

Our Bible courses (Genesis, John, Romans, etc.) are designed to accomplish three goals.

First, we want to teach students what God has said in His word. This is accomplished by looking into the cultural and historical background of the book, original language study when helpful, and looking at the book verse-by-verse.

Second, we want to teach the students how to study the Bible for themselves. It is wonderful to be taught what the Bible says, but is even greater to understand how to study and apply the Bible for yourself. This is accomplished by showing the student various methods of studying the text, as well as the different resources available to make Bible Study more effective.

Finally, we want to give the students the opportunity to put the things they have learned into action. What value is their to knowing God’s love, if one never demonstrates that love to others? This is accomplished by giving the students practical ways to live out their faith, which leads into our next few sections.

CCBCK courses require 100% attendance from students. An unexcused absence will result in a one increment grade drop for the course. (i.e. an A- would go down to a B+) Students are also expected to be in class, ready for instruction at the start of the class. 2 tardies will result in the same penalty as an unexcused absence. For more information, please review the Academic Expectations page.

Housing Experinece

Housing Experience

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” ~Jn13:35
If we cannot live among other believers in love, how can we be a light to the world?

The CCBCK housing is maintained by all who live there, including staff, interns, students, and guests. Students will be involved with house responsibilities including food preparation, cleaning, and general needs of the house. It is key for each member of this body to be willing to serve and prefer one another.

Our housing accommodates up to 36 students, staff, and interns.  If you have never had roommates, you will quickly learn the value in being flexible! Selflessness is key to having a comfortable semester. Learning to love people is important to being a mature believer, and the living situation helps students to exemplify the humility and love of Jesus.

As stated on our Purpose & Vision page, CCBCK’s desire is to provide an environment for mature spiritual growth. In order to provide this environment, there are guidelines we require each student to adhere to while on campus. Some of these guidelines include curfew, entertainment options, and other house rules. A detailed list of guidelines, as well as the heart behind them, can be found on the Campus Guidelines page.

Ministry Experience

Ministry Experience

Many times students are trying to figure out where they fit. How do they fit in this world, though they are not of this world? Our courses give the students a mental picture of “how and why” we should live like Jesus. Our housing gives students the ability to experience and demonstrate Christian Love among other believers. Students will also help at the local church in order to introduce them to serving in a ministry capacity. Each student will discover what even a few hours a week can do to aid their local church in getting more accomplished.

Though these three elements are essential, a mature believer also desires to be a light to a dying and broken world. The CCBCK staff will be very involved providing opportunities for students to share the truth and love of the Gospel to the world.

Over the course of the semester, students and staff will develop and implement a strategy for sharing the Gospel with our Kauai Community. Students will see God using each member of the teams’ individual talents, gifts, and experiences for His purposes. After a few weeks getting to know the culture around them, the teams will decide what is the best way to be used by God in their community.

This also prepares the student for the monthlong mission trip at the end of each semester.

Kauai Cultural Experience

Kauai Cultural Experience

Any image of New York City will bring up thoughts of huge sky scrapers, thousands of people on the streets, and a city that doesn’t sleep. Travel 5,000 miles to the east and you get the complete opposite. There are a few “resort” areas, but other than that, Kauai is country living in the tropics. In fact, we have a height restriction keeping buildings under 48’, or as locals say, “no taller than a coconut palm.”

Kauai is a beautiful location located in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Kauai is the most rural of the major Hawaiian islands, lacking major shopping or other “man-made” entertainment. Locals and visitors alike enjoy Kauai’s scenic beauty including beaches, hikes, and “hidden” spots.

With a population under 70,000, you quickly get to know your neighbors. The “small town” atmosphere is central to the Kauai culture. If you do something to offend someone at noon, everyone will most likely know about it by dinnertime! This “built-in-accountability” can be a blessing or a curse.

CCBCK is the most international campus you can attend without needing a passport!

For a quick snapshot of what sets Kauai apart, consider the following:

Population: ~67k | Tourists Annually: Over 1 Million
Slower paced life. Average Speed limit is only 25MPH! There are a few spots of 50MPH, but they are few.
Country Living: You will get dirty here. We have red dirt that stains everything. Chickens run wild. You will hear them, see them, and see their “evidence” everywhere.
People: Local people come in two varieties, extremely nice (most), or not (few). It is not your fault, but it is good to know.

To sum it up, you are coming to a very slow paced island. We cannot stress that enough. Do not look at it as wrong, just different. The priority structure is different for those living here. “Talking story” takes priority over “getting things done.” You will wait in line at the grocery store/restaurant, while the cashier talks to an old friend for 5 minutes. They are not being rude, just catching up.

The best thing you can do to keep from getting frustrated in Kauai is to remember you are in a completely different culture. When something catches you off-guard, do not react immediately! If you tell someone from here what happened, they may be able to explain WHY it happened. People will respect you for trying to understand, instead of trying to change things.

Right or wrong, this is the perspective many local people have:

“We live here, we struggle here, we like the way it is over here. Visitors come and tell us we are wrong, backwards, or slow. They want Kauai on their terms. But when you go home, we will still be here.”

Though academics are a big part of CCBCK, more time is spent outside of the classroom then inside. Many of the lasting memories students have involve the “real life” situations encountered daily. Our students and staff share in the struggles, challenges, and victories of life.