The most important thing a student can bring is a desire for God to transform them. Along with a desire to be changed, a student also needs to be willing to change.

There are also practical items which should be brought to make your time here comfortable and productive. The following lists are not exhaustive, but are helpful when preparing. As always, if you have any questions on what to bring, please contact us.

Walmart is only a 10 minute walk from the church, and students will have the opportunity to buy items in bulk at Costco upon arrival. Please do not pack items you can buy here (i.e. shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, etc.)

When deciding what to bring, please keep in mind you will have a minimal amount of storage space. The rooms are shared and each student should be mindful of sharing the limited space with others. When deciding what to bring and what to leave, consider the following questions:

Is this item necessary for me to learn more and draw closer to Jesus?
Will this item cause an issue for the overall purpose of attending CCBCK?

Bring it!

School Items

School Items


Mp3 Player (or phone capable of playing mp3 audio) for OT/NT Survey Courses

Notebook(s) for taking notes in courses

Laptop computer (assignments are turned in online)

Pens or pencils

Backpack or bookbag

Personal Items

Personal Items

Appropriate clothing for the climate.

Sunglasses and hat, or other head covering. (Our tropical sun is intense!)

Slippers (flip-flops) are acceptable for nearly any occasion.

Hoodies or sweatshirts for those cold nights and mornings (65°, brrr.)

Sunscreen should be worn when outside.

Bedding (Sheets are provided. Pillows and blankets should be brought, or purchased on island.)

Towels, and other toiletries.

Travel umbrella (it rains nearly daily, and we walk a lot.)

Leave it!

Prohibited Items

Leave it!

Weapons of any kind. (Firearms, crossbows, knives, etc.) Anything you are bringing for “personal protection” is a weapon, and is not allowed.

Pepper spray, mace, etc are not legal in Hawaii unless you obtain a permit.

Excessive amounts of clothing. Space is limited, so only bring what is needed. We have washers and driers on site, so a weeks worth of clothes is adequate.

Excessive amount of shoes. A pair of slippers (flip-flops), and a pair of shoes for hiking or athletic activity is perfectly adequate.

DVD’s, movies on your laptop or external hard drive, video games, etc.
These items are not allowed on campus.