Through the Affiliates, students can earn up to 54 credits toward a CCBC program. Each Affiliate is a separate ministry under the oversight and leadership of its own local Calvary Chapel church. Although most of the courses offered at these Affiliates are transferable to the Main Campus, the Main Campus Registrar’s Office makes the final decision as to which courses are accepted toward our programs. Courses are either approved or denied before each semester begins, so that students can be informed before enrolling in a course that is not transferable or “not-for-credit”.

Up to 54 credits may be transferred from Affiliates toward the Calvary Chapel Bible College degree programs. A minimum of 18 credits must be completed at the Murrieta campus or through the CCBC Distance Learning program in order to earn a Calvary Chapel Bible College certificate, diploma, or degree. Affiliates may offer a certificate, diploma, or degree in their own name for students who complete all of their semesters abroad.