General Fund

CCBC Kauai is 100% supported by tuition and donations. If you have prayerfully considered helping us continue to offer our life changing semesters, you can donate to our general fund. This fund will go to cover our fixed overhead costs as described below. In order to break even each semester, we need to have 25 students paying $5500.

Our home church CC Lihue blesses us with our classrooms and meeting spaces. However, we have several fixed costs associated with running our campus. These costs exist no matter how many students attend each semester, and include things such as:

  • Student and staff housing
  • Technology and Admin Fees
  • Vehicle Insurance, Registration, Maintenance
  • Staff payroll

For each student that attends, there are also increased costs to cover:

  • Textbooks
  • Food
  • Month long Mission Trip (Flights, Transportation, Housing, Food)



Student Scholarship Fund

Every semester we have several students who ask if we provide scholarships. The reason students need financial support can vary, but common reasons are:

  • Student is not supported financially or otherwise by unbelieving family.
  • Student has grown up in a mission or pastoral family, with limited income.
  • Student has not been able to save enough, do to other financial obligations, or lack of work.

Because of the costs of running our campus, and our mission trip each semester, we unfortunately say no to these scholarship requests.

Help us say yes! Help build our Student Scholarship Fund.

Each semester is $5500, which includes all housing, food, textbooks, and month long mission trip in Asia. A donation of any amount will assist our students in need. If you would like to help support students who are not financially able to attend CCBC Kauai, you can donate here. Other than processing fees, all donations will go directly to support these students.