What happens each semester?

Our semester is unlike traditional CCBC Semesters, as we include a month long Missions Outreach to several countries during each semester!

The first 15 weeks at CCBCK will be spent both in the classroom, and in the community. Our students will take typical Bible classes, electives, and topical courses. We also have courses such as missions practicum and missions preparation designed to prepare the student for the upcoming trip. Our desire is for the student to understand the lessons learned are not just for a semester or for a season, but they are the foundation to a mature Christian life.

The final month of the semester will be spent doing Missional Outreach in Asia. The trip will vary each semester, but will include a circuit through a various countries.  We will spend between 1-2 weeks in each location, depending on the team we have, and the needs in each location. As the political situation in many of the countries we visit can change rapidly, we do not disclose the locations publicly.

What will happen on the trip?

Each trip will be different as the talents and gifts God gives each individual will vary semester to semester. Each trip will have three major objectives:

  • Sharing the Hope, Truth, and Love of Jesus with those who do not know Him
  • Supporting and encouraging the local church and missionaries
  • Training our students while in the moment regarding evangelism, prayer, fasting, and other aspects of the mature Christian Life.

Can students come for several semesters?

Students are able to attend CCBCK up to four semesters if they choose. We have seen tremendous growth when students attend more than one semester in our program. As our program is a bit different with the mission trip, each semester allows for different stages of growth in our students. Students can transfer credits to any other CCBC affiliate, or the main campus to continue their education. If you desire to complete your degree with the main CCBC campus, you are required to take a minimum of 18 credits through their campus, or online with distance learning.
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