Why is tuition so high?

We understand $5500 is a lot for a semester of Bible College, but please consider what it covers. Your tuition covers all housing and meals while on Kauai, textbooks, courses.

It also covers one month of missions outreach in Asia. Flights, lodging, meals, and other expenses are all covered.

Do I have to go on the missions trip?

We feel God has given clear vision to offer the type of semester we do. Because of this, CCBCK will be exclusively for those who desire to go on the trip.

If this is not your desire, there are many other amazing campuses we suggest you look into.

We have a clear call to do what we are doing, and we suggest you also have clear confirmation on any campus you apply to or attend!

How many students do you accept each semester?

Our current housing allows up to 20 female and 10 male students students.

I am transferring from another CCBC campus, is there a shorter application?

All new students to CCBC Kauai are required to submit a full application. At this time, there is not an option to transfer your application from the Main CCBC Campus to our database.

Do I need to fill out an application if I am just auditing a course?

CCBCK offers free auditing of any course. There is no application or attendance requirement for audit students.

I turned in my application, now what?

Upon submission of your application, an email will be sent to the three references you chose. We will review the application and references on a first come, first serve basis.

What should I bring?

Before packing for your semester with us, be sure to ask your self two questions. Is this item going to aid me in growing in my relationship, knowledge, and love of Jesus? Is this item going to cause an issue for my room mates or house mates? You can also refer to our “What to Bring” page.

Is a laptop necessary?

A laptop is necessary for our Full-Time students. We use software based textbooks, and all assignments are turned in through an online academic database.

Please make sure to have a word processing program capable of saving pdf documents. (Word, Pages, etc.)

How can I pay?

Students can pay their tuition online, or by sending a check to the campus. More information can be found on our Making a Payment page

What does tuition cover?

Detailed information on what your tuition covers can be found on our Tuition page

What is the mailing address of the campus?

For our students safety, we do not publish the physical location of the housing online. If you would like to send something, you can send it to our PO BOX:

PO BOX 3404
Lihue, HI 96766

If a physical address is needed for a package, please contact the student or CCBCK staff.

What airport do I use? Will I be picked up? When do I arrive and depart?

  • Kauai has one major airport, Lihue Airport (LIH). Direct flights are available from many west coast locations with many major airlines.
  • All students will be picked up when they arrive by CCBCK Staff, and dropped of when the semester is over.
  • Arrival and departure dates are posted on the Academic Calendar page. Please make sure to follow these dates, as our semester is structured around them. Arriving late or leaving early prevents students from attending orientation and completing all courses.
    Spring 2015 arrival and departure dates are January 27th and May 15th

What movies/Tv shows are allowed on campus?

All movies and tv are prohibited on campus. On occasion, there may be a movie night at the church, but visual media is not allowed on campus. Our heart reasoning behind this can be found in our Campus Guidelines.

Does the campus have internet?

The internet is a wonderful tool, but can also be a major distraction. We do provide wireless internet on campus, but do not allow steaming video services such as Netflix, Hulu, MLB.com, etc.

In order to maintain a focused environment, these services are not allowed on campus.

Can family visit?

Of course! We cannot provide housing for visiting family, but there are many options close to campus. Let us know if you need any suggestions.

Do I need to bring any extra spending money?

Though some extra cash is necessary, it is up to you on how much money you “need” to have while attending school. Check out our Cost of Living page for more information. A few quick notes:

  • On site laundry – $2.00 per load. (not including detergent)
  • Kauai Bus – $1.00 Round trip in town, $4.00 Round trip anywhere else
  • Suggested, though not enforced, to pitch in for gas money if someone gives you a ride.

How do I get around? Do I need a car, bike, kayak?

The Kauai Bus system is the most cost effective way to getting around the island. In town, round trips are only $1. For around trip anywhere on the island, the cost is only $4. It is not uncommon for us to utilize the bus system for a group outing. Not only is it cost effective, but it allows ministry opportunities!

  • Students can purchase a bike if they would like. Like all other items, students must take their bike when they leave for the semester. (We do not want a bike graveyard.)
  • Students can purchase vehicles, but they must be legal to drive in the State of Hawaii. Current Registration, Safety (state requirement), Insurance, and valid Drivers License are necessary.

I have an event scheduled during the semester, what happens if I miss a class?

Unexcused absences result in a drop of one half grade increment (an A- goes down to a B+, etc.) Students should count the cost of missing a class. Excused absences can be made up with no penalty. For more information, please refer to the Attendance Policy on our Academic Expectations page.