We try to keep our tuition as low as possible, but we still need to pay the bills. In Kauai, the bills are higher than most of the United States! Nearly all food, clothing, or anything else you would purchase is shipped in, which adds to the final cost.

Though tuition does cover many things including housing, textbooks, utilities, and food, students will need to bring money for the following:


The Kauai Bus system is the most cost effective way to getting around the island. In town, round trips are only $1. For around trip anywhere on the island, the cost is only $4. It is not uncommon for us to utilize the bus system for a group outing. Not only is it cost effective, but it allows ministry opportunities!

Students can purchase a bike if they would like. Like all other items, students must take their bike when they leave for the semester. (We do not want a bike graveyard.)

Students can purchase vehicles, but they must be legal to drive in the State of Hawaii. Current Registration, Safety (state requirement), Insurance, and valid Drivers License are necessary.


Laundry. Though we do provide washers and dryers, it is the students responsibility to purchase detergent, softener, dryer sheets, etc. There is also a charge of  $2.00 per load (Wash and dry)

Dining Out

Dining out. Students may want to experience local food from time to time. Kauai is a tourist location, the $5 meal is a rarity here.